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The Arabescato Orobico’s basic characteristics are;
- optimum compressive and flexural strength.
- optimum durability, i.e. resistant to tread
- a low water absorption coefficient, which renders it unlikely to be damaged by frost and ice;

This quality makes Arabescato Orobico ideal not only for traditional applications such as flooring, steps, etc, or for columns, pots, amphora, tables, bathroom counter-tops and other general uses, but also for external and internal applications on rustic surfaces. With stone fascias/cross sections for walls from 15 cm and rustic facings 3 cm thick.

Arabescato Orobico is ideally suited for use as high-quality floors and fittings, primarily in large areas, which allow the full splendour of the geometric designs with random flecks, achieved thanks to accurate processing and the great care taken in the placement of the stones. The characteristic, unique colourings are brought out both by the polishing and the splitting process, which highlight its warm tones.


Commonly used for both private and public buildings, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, churches, banks, exhibition complexes and architectural use in general. Its characteristic grain makes every project unique.


The splitting process highlighting the characteristic colouring of the stone is perfect for exclusive projects.


The Arabescato Orobico’s wide range of colours guarantees pieces of extraordinary quality and beauty.

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